Dem womens be all up on me ‘bout rights, needs to go bake some bread instead

There’s a question I’ve been dying to pose to women who are so adamant about preventing the elimination of the UNLV Women’s Studies Department.

Why exactly is it that we need women’s studies? I mean, after all, I love women. I study women all the time. Do we really need an entire department dedicated to them?

All we have to do is take a look at current media and see that women are clearly studied already, and that surely, we can save a couple of thousand of dollars by getting rid of a program that obviously solved all of women’s problems years ago. Sexism? I mean, really, are you feminists still using that same card?

Stop your whining. The United States is more progressive now than it has ever been or ever will ever be. Gays can practically get married and, I mean, you’ve got a job, right? Besides, men aren’t being sexist when they talk about how much they want to f— women. They’re just professing their love for them.
What’s wrong with that?

Let’s take Lil Wayne for example.

He loves women just as much as I do. His newest song “Six Foot Seven Foot,” is a perfect depiction of how sexism is no longer a problem in our current society. ”

Two b—— at the same time, synchronized swimmers, got the girl twisted ‘cause she open when you twist her, never met the b—-, but I f— her like I missed her.”

See? Wayne is comparing women to synchronized swimmers … and they’re like … really graceful or something. And in the end he talks about how much he misses his b—-. Can’t a guy just profess his love for his b—-?

And Kanye West’s latest album has gotten so much acclaim. Surely the world wouldn’t love someone who’s a sexist misogynist. So what if he wants to put the p—- in a sarcophagus? Don’t we all? Besides, he’s got Nicki Minaj featured on his album, so clearly he doesn’t hate women if he let one sing on his album.

Oh, and remember when Chris Brown beat up then girlfriend Rihanna? America doesn’t either!

In this day and age, we are so progressive, we just forget when men abuse women, especially when they’re celebrities. That should just show you how much we don’t need Women’s Studies. Brown was just on Dancing With The Stars this week and everyone was okay with it. See? Celebrities can continue to abuse their girlfriends so long as they pray to God, say they are sorry and do a few hours of community service.

So really, what’s the need for women’s studies? If you ask me, the department is a bunch of hooey. Anything that teaches people about class, race, or gender is obviously just trying to take us back in time, not forward. Racism?

I’m color blind if you ask me. We just need to stop talking about it and it will all go away. It’s not like Nevada has some of the highest rates of poverty, pregnancy and rape in this country. Besides, women’s studies programs are getting cut from universities all across the United States. Even more reason to cut the program here. I say you just sow your oats and stop complaining. I mean you’re IN school, after all. A hundred years ago you’d still be in the kitchen. So tell me, feminists, what’s the big deal?