BREAKING: CSUN executive board primary elections possibly compromised

By Denise Hernandez & Blaze Lovell | March 10th, 2017

The CSUN executive board primary elections may have been compromised as students who did not vote received notifications saying that they had.

Sufficient evidence has been received which raises a reasonable suspicion that some of the votes cast in the election may have been compromised,” CSUN Director of Operations Dawn Matusz wrote in an email. “We are investigating the irregularities, as well as the complaints we’ve received from several students about not being able to vote in order to determine whether or not to file a case with the CSUN Judicial Council to have the primary election invalidated.”

Students who were trying to vote in person and through the email survey that was given to them through their RebelMail were notified that they had already voted, according to college of sciences senator and student body presidential candidate Nicole Thomas.

Executive board candidates and the elections commission received emails “that some people attempted to vote and were unable to.”

The CSUN Judicial Council has ordered a hold on the election results until an investigation has been completed by Matusz, according to a preliminary injunction notice issued by the council.

The elections commission and CSUN Judicial Council have opened an investigation into the claims. Evidence was submitted by Matusz and Adviser Savannah Baltera, according to the preliminary injunction notice.

Both the commission and council are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Results for the primaries will not be released until after the investigation. If the investigation reveals that the elections were compromised, the results will be invalidated and the primaries will have to be redone, according to both Matusz and Thomas.

CSUN Chief Justice Hadrien Saperstein could not comment on the case as it is still open.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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