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Thank you for your interest in being published in the Free Press. We are honored that you’d like your work to appear in our publication. Before your work can appear on our website or in our newspaper, there are several things you should be aware of to ensure you have the greatest chance of being approved for publication. Please read the following sections below. 

  • Editors have final say on acceptance of content, and senior editors have authority to overrule a section editor’s decision if deemed necessary.
  • Print publication and specific date of publication are not guaranteed.
  • All submissions are subject to editing for length, clarity, house style and accuracy.
    • We will make an attempt to contact the author about major edits we’ve made, but will not wait for approval from any author or instructor prior to publishing the edited piece.
    • If extensive edits or additions are needed before the piece can be deemed publishable, we will contact the author with requested changes. We are editors, not re-writers.
    • If we do not believe your piece is an appropriate fit for the Free Press, your piece will not be published.
      • Rejected submissions are not always guaranteed a response. Please wait 48 hours before assuming your piece has been rejected, and keep in mind that response times will be longer during holidays, breaks and exam periods.
  • Creative writing pieces will be reviewed by a panel of editors.
  • We do not publish news articles on events that happened more than one week prior to the publication date, unless the author has a fresh angle on the subject.
  • Due to UNLV payroll regulations, we cannot pay anyone who has not been hired as a member of the paper’s staff, and worked on content AFTER going through the hiring process.
  • Articles in the news, arts & entertainment and sports sections must be written by current UNLV students, unless it is a Guest Column with subject matter more appropriate for one of those sections.
  • The Free Press accepts content submissions from any major.
  • Articles w/ a heavy promotional angle or voice
  • Stories irrelevant to college students
  • Press releases
  • In-class press conferences
  • Articles already published somewhere else, other than a personal or class blog
  • Stories on subjects or people the author is directly involved with
  • Stories similar to subjects we’ve already recently written about, unless the author has a fresh angle
  • Pieces written by anyone who is not a current UNLV student, unless it is for our Guest Column program
  • Open letters or statements

The Scarlet & Gray Free Press welcomes opinion pieces from anyone with a connection to UNLV. We do not discriminate based on opinions or personal beliefs, but all pieces should be based on facts and logic, and must be relevant to the UNLV community.

  • Student editors have final say on whether or not submissions meet the above criteria.
  • Op-eds should not serve as promotions for a particular organization or event. No PR or marketing pieces.
  • Publication in the print edition is not guaranteed.
  • We do accept video submissions.

Our Guest Column Program is designed to allow members of the UNLV community who are actively engaged in a topic of relevance to the campus to share their knowledge. Our vision is to keep the subjects authors write on as timely as possible and have up to, but no more than, one Guest Column per weekly issue.

  • Examples of pieces we are looking for include:
    • When a protest takes place on campus, professors can comment on the underlying issues that led to it.
    • Students and professors can comment on political issues impacting UNLV.
    • Student leaders can describe experiences that have helped them grow.
    • Alumni can give fresh, helpful career advice.
    • Alumni can write about their thoughts on the current state of any aspect of UNLV.
    • Etc. — We want to hear what you have to say!

Comments directed to specific articles we’ve already published or aspects on the Free Press’ coverage should be sent as Letters to the Editor to chief.freepress@unlv.edu.

See something newsworthy happening on campus? Send it to us for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!

  • Photos should not be blurry and it should be clear who or what the subject of the photo is.
  • Please send us your full name w/ your submission to receive credit for your work.
  • We may publish exceptional or particularly newsworthy photos in a “Year in Our Eyes” photo book.
  • Please include a 1-3 sentence description of what your photo is about.
  • No marketing or promotional submissions
  • Must be relevant to the UNLV community or general student population.

The Unfiltered section contains longform features as well as works of poetry and fiction. Publication of Unfiltered pieces will be determined by a panel of editors. Longform features must be newsworthy and not just merely exposition. Short poems may be submitted in batches of three. Poems of 40 lines or more must be submitted individually. Only one Unfiltered piece may be submitted per author per week.

Unfiltered pieces will be edited by a panel of editors. Publication may take at least 2 weeks.

Our technical guidelines are most likely very different from instructors’ requirements, so if you are submitting something you did for a class, you may need to re-format your assignment. These guidelines were made in order to make our layout designer’s and webmaster’s jobs easier.

  • All stories or text documents must be turned in via Google Docs, not Microsoft Word
  • Justify left
  • no indentions
  • size 11
  • Arial
  • single space
  • All graphics and pictures must be 300 dpi or above and in CMYK