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Controversial Twitter posts by CSUN VP candidate circulate social media

By Denise Hernandez | March 7th, 2017

Controversial social media posts made by CSUN student vice presidential candidate Trevor Atkinson were revealed Tuesday afternoon.

UNLV student Caitlyn Caruso shared to Facebook screenshots of tweets made by Atkinson. In the screenshots, Atkinson posted pictures of guns and warned liberals to stay out of the area to “avoid PTSD” as he “expressed [his] rights.”

He was also mentioned in a tweet made by Jason Warren, an acquaintance of Atkinson. In the tweet, Warren said that there would be “no need for a wall;” Warren, Atkinson and one other acquaintance would “stand at the border with their guns.”

Students have since commented their thoughts on the controversial post.

“The first picture is ridiculously ableist by reducing PTSD to something only ‘liberals’ face,” commented UNLV student Sandra Marie O’Reilly. “And anyone who thinks it is is NOT someone I want to represent me in the student body.”

“[Caruso makes] wild and exaggerated claims about a person’s character based on reasonable political and social views they hold. Both of these gentlemen will do great things for the student body,” commented Warren, referring to Atkinson and Schyler Brown (CSUN presidential candidate) who are running on the same ticket.

The tweets have since been deleted from Atkinson’s Twitter account, which he made private, according to Caruso’s Facebook post.

In response to the posts, Atkinson told the UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press, “We are not here to promote politics or any agendas, our one goal is to make CSUN about results for the students.”

Atkinson has also responded to the comments made on Caruso’s post, requesting for “this slander [to] stop” as he wants to focus on his studies.

The primary elections for the CSUN executive board open tomorrow. Twelve candidates in total are running for student body president, vice president and senate president. Kulani Purkey, who was running for senate president, has withdrawn her candidacy as of Tuesday morning.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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