CSUN President Roys: Monday’s absences will be excused

By: Bianca Cseke | October 2, 2017

With UNLV administrators choosing not to cancel classes Monday, many students expressed their disappointment with the university’s decision in the wake of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history.


Many instructors canceled classes, but not all. Some students reported that their instructors even administered exams and told students they would be penalized if they did not show up.


Student Body President Christopher Roys sent a campus-wide email just before 4 p.m. Monday, assuring students that they did not have to choose between their academics and mental health.


“I wanted to address what some students may have described as a tone-deaf response from UNLV on the subject of classes and attendance,” he wrote. “In a discussion with the UNLV President Len Jessup and UNLV Provost Diane Chase, I have been assured that all deans have been instructed to consider any absences as excused.”

Courtesy of Christopher Roys

Chase said she has asked instructors to keep in mind Sunday’s shooting when assigning work or exams this week.


“While we did not close campus today, I have been in contact with college and school deans, requesting sensitivity to the needs of students, and asking that they provide flexibility in terms of deadlines this week,” she wrote in a statement. “We additionally requested that no tests or quizzes be required today. For those faculty who may have administered an exam we would ask your consideration for students who may not have been able to attend or may have had difficulty focusing on the content.”

Chase also assured the UNLV community that the campus would not have been kept open without being sure it would be safe.


“Before deciding to keep campus open, we factored in all the variables – including input from law enforcement, and those officials deemed our campus to be a safe place,” Chase said. “In fact, our campus was designated a safe evacuation site for busloads of festival attendees immediately following the shooting.”


It wasn’t clear what other factors were taken into consideration besides discussions with law enforcement, or how those authorities determined the campus was safe.


The most recent reports indicate 59 people died and another 527 were injured in Sunday night’s shooting. There has been an outpouring of community support, including at blood donation centers throughout the Las Vegas Valley, which have a 68-hour wait, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said during a media briefing.


A GoFundMe page set up to raise money for victims’ families has raised about $1.8 million in about 10 hours.


CSUN, in coordination with the Residence Hall Association and Student Engagement & Diversity, will host a vigil in the Student Union courtyard at 7 p.m.


Counseling and Psychological Services (UNLV CAPS) will be providing free counseling Monday until 6 pm SRWC Health Education Room on the 1st floor. CAPS will be providing free counseling for students, faculty, and staff for the rest of the week. They are open daily 8am-6pm. UNLV the Practice is also offering free counseling services located in the Carlson Education Building (CEB), 9am-7pm Monday through Wednesday.


“Your mental health and wellbeing is vastly more important than anything else,” Roys wrote. “We would also like to express our deepest condolences for those harmed in the shooting last night– CSUN will remain committed to providing resources and comfort to all of those affected and their families.”

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