By: Merrix Murphy


The UNLV chapter of Delta Chi — the only one in Nevada — will be receiving a new start this semester after its original chapter at UNLV closed in 2011 after several years of dwindling motivation among its members. The original fraternity was established at Cornell university in 1890.


WebUNLV’s original Delta Chi was suspended in 2011 after their cumulative GPA fell to 2.49. Under the Interfraternity Council’s rules on grades at that time, fraternities needed a cumulative 2.55 GPA.


The first members of the fraternity, called the founding fathers of chapter, will be responsible for its initial success.


“The founding fathers will be the first group of men we recruit at this campus, and they’re really the ones that set the vision and mission for the fraternity,” said Jake Tomlin, Delta Chi’s international director of publications and expansion consultant.


Since Jan. 25, three Delta Chi international staff members have been staying on campus for five weeks to help recruit. One will be staying for an additional six weeks to help guide and educate the founding fathers into properly building a fraternity, according to Tomlin.


Possible members and the founding fathers are expected to appreciate diversity and be looking to leave a legacy by building something new on campus, as well as have high expectations for themselves and others.


“It [expectations] is a lot of different things,” Tomlin said. “It depends on the academic rigor of the campus and the type of students.”


The organization is looking for men who identify with its values of friendship, character, justice and education. Members must also have a 2.8 GPA or higher.


“You’re going to get out of it what you put into it,” Tomlin said.


Once established, Tomlin expects the fraternity to be involved in community service, brotherhood events, team building and events with other fraternities and sororities.


In addition, Delta Chi’s international organization has adopted the V Foundation for Cancer Research for its philanthropy, and UNLV’s chapter has followed suit.


“We’ll be doing fundraising events that will help the V Foundation,” Tomlin said. “It’s a large organization, so all of our chapters do some kind of event where they fundraise, and it all goes to that foundation.”


Men interested in joining have the opportunity to be more involved, make connections, make friends and gain a brotherhood.


As an alumnus of Delta Chi, Tomlin said he would not change his experience for anything.


“We really like to have an impact on the UNLV community as well as the Las Vegas community,” Tomlin said.

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