Annual event attracts student organizations of every kind to exhibit, draw in students

Involvement Fair

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Curious students wandered through the packed Student Union and Pida Plaza Tuesday and Wednesday for the Involvement Fair.

The annual fair gave them a chance to see what the school has to offer in the way of activities and registered student organizations. Many new students to UNLV were looking for friends with common interests and found face-to-face meetings more appealing than a Web site or poster advertising involvement options.

Freshmen Dairene Merida and Fatima Interiano said they took the opportunity to look for groups online before attending the Involvement Fair but went to get more information and to get a feel for groups they anticipated joining.

“[My friend and I] had wanted to join clubs but had no idea how to get involved,” said Yesica Flores, a junior who transferred this semester from the College of Southern Idaho.

“The Involvement Fair makes me feel like I truly am a UNLV student now.”
Representatives of some groups complained that there were fewer students than at previous events.

“It seems like there are a lot of people here, but compared to the size of the school and how many people are enrolled you would expect even more students to be involved,” Flores said.

A transfer student from the College of Southern Nevada, Jordan Timinski, sat in the Student Union Tuesday with no interest in the fair.

He said it was a not a way for him to be involved at UNLV. Timinski mentioned going to school sporting events as being a better way of being part of the UNLV community.

Brittany Carter of the Rebel Pride Council said the Involvement Fair was a great way for students to figure out where they fit in and find which groups would fit their personalities.

“It’s a win-win situation for everybody,” she said. “It brings everyone together, so even if we are in different clubs we are all coming together to be involved and to support our school.”

Hanna Teferi, a member of Sigma Kappa, said the Involvement Fair is an opportunity to bring awareness to sororities as more than just social groups.

“It’s a good way for students to learn about the common misconceptions about sororities,” she said. “There are a lot of stereotypes that have been fabricated by the media that differ from the actual college and sorority experience.”

Members of many organizations took the opportunity to network with other campus organizations.

Darrell Rivera of the Rebel Dance Company said that when he wasn’t at his own booth, he was exploring different groups and making connections with others.

“It’s making UNLV a better community,” Rivera said. “Everyone seems to be open-minded and willing to explore new things.” He said that compared to previous events, this year’s Involvement Fair gave people a better opportunity to become a part of the UNLV community. Rivera said that he was happy to see organizations growing.

“UNLV is a commuter school,” Sigma Kappa member Danielle Morton said, pointing out the well-known trend that many believe shapes the unique student involvement experience at UNLV.

“When people finish classes they normally go home,” Morton explained.
Vice president of the Parinetia Dance Club, Njoc Vo said the involvement fair allows UNLV students and community members to grow closer together.

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