To the Editor,

Have you heard of the I’d like to share a personal experience of mine. Just this Saturday, I dropped off my vehicle at one of the dealerships in the Auto Mall. They had no shuttle service, so I decided to walk to the Galleria Mall, intending to take the bus. I had never even walked in front of a bus stop, let alone ride the bus.

I feel the public transportation system here in Nevada needs to be improved greatly, especially in Las Vegas. During rush hour, the freeways turn into large parking lots. At this point its better to walk than to drive. Imagine, if our public transit systems were vastly improved, how many cars we could get off the road. It would especially help those who cannot even afford a bicycle, let alone a car. As a college student at UNLV, I know classmates that have to wake up at 5:00am, to be at the bus stop at 6:00am, to finally get to class at 8:00am.

This year, Congress has the opportunity to vote on a bill that would determine priorities for mass transit over the next 6 years. Our senator, and Majority Leader Harry Reid, has a great opportunity to ensure the public’s interest is front and center, fully supporting more efficient public transportation.


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