To the Editor,

How would you react if President Obama as well Congress all agreed to take pay cuts to something close to minimum wage? Surprised and ecstatic are two feelings that come to my mind initially. Only later to find out that these pay cuts would not affect any current member in the government but only the next administration and senate. I would be angry and upset that I was misinformed initially. That is what Adam Cronis is trying to do with CSUN right now. Claiming that CSUN gives more money in salaries than to student organizations, which is true until you look deeper. CSUN has a Business Manager that is paid $60,000 a year that would not get a pay cut along with an assistant manager and several receptionists. It would be the salaries of the student leaders who essentially make slightly over minimum wage with all of the time they put into their positions. By lowering salaries, more qualified applicants that could do more for UNLV would probably not be interested in these positions. We would be replacing these people with less qualified applicants that couldn’t earn more than minimum wage in a regular job anyway. The current officials would be taking the credit for reducing CSUN wages but yet it wouldn’t affect them, it would affect the next set of individuals that take these roles. CSUN Senators have not been given a pay increase in over a decade as well as any stipend increases. If we cut CSUN wages anymore we should start recruiting at the local McDonalds about upcoming CSUN elections since nobody else qualified would be interested.

Rick Shukis,
Graduate Student

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