To the Editor,

Senator Rapoport’s request that the emails of President Cronis be made public is absolutely ridiculous. Cronis has never given anyone reason to believe he has unethical work behavior. He has even voted to reduce the amount of credits that are reimbursed for holding positions in student government (which includes his position!). Rapoport sounds more like a jealous lover than a concerned student. Perhaps no one else wants to run right now because of the huge budget crisis and the massive time commitment needed to be president.

Stephanie Potell, 

Fine Arts major


To the Editor, 

In his recent column, adjunct “professor” of philosophy at UNLV, Brad Lord-Leutwyler, used nouns and adjectives such as: “jingoistic idiot,” “brain-dead,” “stooges,” “train wreck,” “knot-head” and “rung-out, life-long government hack” in his philosophic treatise. Wouldn’t fellow philosophers Socrates, Plato, Aristotle et al be proud?

Rick Steinkamp,

Part-time instructor, Political Science

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