To the Editor,

Can we please turn the air conditioning off?

So I thought we were having a budget crisis? Isn’t that what that whole giant rally earlier this year was about? How devastating the proposed drastic budget cuts would be to Nevada Higher Education?

Then why are we wasting our already hurting budget on air-conditioning the law building to extremes?

I’ve tried without much avail to contact the maintenance department about this problem. It was a humane temperature for about 2 days before reverting back to a temperature where I could safely store dairy product.

I mean don’t get me wrong…not having to store my water in the fridge because it will stay cool enough in the ambient law school air is convenient.

But after seeing my electric bill this summer…I’m more than a little irritated when I think about the potential energy costs of cooling a LARGE building down to around 64 degrees when it’s 65 degrees outside. Is this really necessary?

Not to mention it really defeats the excitement of springtime and finally not having to carry around a jacket when I have to plan on bringing one to wear solely indoors. 

Alison Coombs, 

Law student


To the Editor, 

Thirty minutes before my accounting exam last week Wednesday, I walked on over to the Student Union info desk for a scantron, only to find a sign that says “Out of scantrons, can be purchased at bookstore.”

At first I thought it was a joke because I know that the cost of scantrons is included in our student fees (either in our technology fee of $60 or our student fac fee of $173). So when the student worker told me that they ran out of scantrons and that I should purchase one at the bookstore, I wasn’t very pleased. Why? Because I already paid for them!

Every year a portion of our student fees is supposed to go towards things like scantrons so that students don’t have to spend additional money to get them. By not having them available, I think it does a big disservice to the students.

One reason could be that the student workers at the info desk are not monitoring the scantrons properly. I remember when phase one of the Student Union opened in the Fall of 2006, workers would only give out one scantron at a time.

Thus, scantrons were more closely monitored and we never had to buy them. If you had two exams in one day, they would allow you to come back and pick up another one. Unfortunately, now they are being left on top of the info desk in chunks where people can take as many as they want.

I challenge both the supervisors as well as the student workers at the Student Union’s information desk to better monitor the scantrons, and see to it that this does not happen again. As students, we should not have to pay an additional 42 cents for scantrons coming from the bookstore when it should be included in our student fees.

Another reason why there could be a shortage of scantrons could be students taking more than they need. A few times I’ve walked past the info desk I’ve seen students take as many as five scantrons. Either that person got really unlucky and had 5 exams on the same day, or that person is just being selfish.

I challenge every undergraduate and graduate student to be considerate of others and take only what you need.

To be fair, I think it’s a combination of the two. Scantrons are not being monitored properly and students are just being selfish by taking more than they need. If we can manage them better and not take more than we need, there should be more than enough scantrons to go around.

After all, I’m not asking for a free scantron, I’m asking for one I paid for. 

William Smith,

Economics Major

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