Radical professors must stop forcing their views onto students

By Chelsea Grazzini | March 27th, 2017

College is a place where we come to learn new things, challenge the beliefs that we already hold and gain critical thinking skills. It is where we break away from the systematic learning style that was forced on us from grades K-12.

College is supposed to be different. We are supposed to be learning from our professors, but also challenging the ideas that they present to us.

It seems that this idea of college is long gone, and it is just now one big continuation of high school. It is no longer acceptable to challenge the ideas that professors present to us, and we are now being systematically “taught” once again.

There seems to be no separation between college education and politics. If you oppose your professor’s political views, you better be ready to take the heat that is coming your way. This is especially prevalent in English, communications and women’s studies classrooms where it seems that the majority of professors liberal.

It is perfectly acceptable for those professors to believe in whatever political ideologies they wish, but what is not acceptable is when they take those political ideologies and incorporate them into their teachings.

Students that do not have the same political beliefs as the professor should not be made to feel uncomfortable expressing their own opinions. The other direction this can go is that the student may express their opinion and then receive grades that they don’t feel reflect the work they have done.

This happens at institutions all over the country, UNLV included.

Not only do we have professors at this institution that feel the need to express their political views in courses that are not political in nature, but we also spend thousands of dollars per semester to attend a school that presents liberal ideas everywhere we look.

You can’t even log on to the school library website without being presented an “Anti-Oppression Guide” on the home screen. If you look deeper into that guide, you will find documents there such as a “Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves.”

Yeah, that’s not racist at all. Apparently, things aren’t racist when they’re about white people. There are some useful documents there, but some are radical. Just like the pages about “White Privilege,” “The White Radical Frame,” and “The DJT Resistance.”

Students surely remember the incident last December when UNLV math professor George Buch made comments on his Facebook page regarding undocumented students. There was a huge ordeal made about his comments along with news articles and a petition calling for Professor Buch to be fired.

On the other side of the political spectrum, UNLV history professor Michael Green made comments on his Facebook in February calling President Donald Trump a “syphilitic Nazi in the White Man’s House.”

Yes, people still were upset about the comments that were made, but there was no petition against Professor Green, and the outcry was much quieter than it was for Professor Buch’s statements.

A UNLV senior studying Criminal Justice spoke briefly with the UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press about the issues he is currently having with one of his professors.

During the interview, the student described the professor as being radically opinionated and unable to handle any sort of challenging views presented to him. At the start of the semester, this professor told the class that they would have to “deal with” some of his “Marxist views”.

He also presents Marxist philosophies during his lectures. The student reported that the professor blames all of the crime that happens in America on capitalism, poverty and the “one percent”.

The student said that he stays quiet most of the time, but when he does challenge the professor’s statements, the professor becomes angry. The student was previously told by the professor to “check his privilege” after challenging him about his socialistic ideals. The professor also reportedly told the class that they are an advocate for more gangster rap because it does not have any effect on culture and that “we should all just sit down and smoke a little weed”.

Professors like this are the reason why the non-profit organization Turning Point USA created the Professor Watchlist. The Watchlist comes from campuses all around the country that document professors who “advance a radical agenda in lecture halls.” These radical professors need to know that we are watching, and if they continue with their radical teachings, they too will end up on the Watchlist— just like UNLV professor Michael Green currently is.

Professors need to break away from their political ideologies once they step foot into the classroom to teach. The focus should be on our education and guiding us into the workforce with the knowledge and skills that we will need. College is about us and our future, the sooner that we all realize that, the better off we all will be.

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