To the Editor,


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance… it is the illusion of knowledge.”

This might be the most convincing and honest statement that appears in “Occupation 101” and as I saw the horrified faces and the hate for the State of Israel being instilled in the audience, I knew that the half truths, omissions, and blatant lies that were propagated in this film were truly the greatest enemy not only of knowledge, but also of peace.

The movie opened by drawing comparisons between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and civil rights abuses during South Africa apartheid and the civil rights movement in the United States. Jeff Halper, co-founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, says that the West Bank is being “ethnically cleansed” of Palestinians by the Israelis. The fact is that the Palestinian population has increased from 947,000 in June, 1967 to over four million today. The film also ignores actions by Palestinian leadership and terrorist organizations that have contributed to the conflict and makes uncorrelated comparisons that radical Palestinian groups are fighting for equality, when they are actually fighting for the destruction of Israel, as stated in Hamas doctrine.

The film states Israel is the biggest threat to Christians in the Middle East. This is variation of a Nazi propaganda that discredits the roots of Judaism in Christianity. William Baker, the head of “Christians and Muslims for Peace” states the “first converts to the teachings of Jesus were Palestinians.” In reality the first converts to Christianity were Jews, just as Jesus himself was Jewish. It is also a reality that William Back was expelled from his congregation after his association with anti-Semetic and neo-Nazi organizations was revealed. Baker was exposed in February 2002 in the Orange County Weekly in a major investigation titled “Hour of White Power.” In fact, Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a growing Christian population. From 1997-2002, Israel’s Christian Arab population grew from 104,800 to 114,300, a 9.1% increase while the Christian population in Palestinian territories is diminishing.

Other experts include Noam Chomsky who, has stated he sees “no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or of the Holocaust” and is “agnostic” on whether the Holocaust occurred, and Richard Faulk, whose resignation was called for by the U.N. for implying that the 911 attacks were an “inside job” and his inability to remain objective as U.N. special reporter on human rights in the Palestinian territories.

This is not “a pro-Palestinian view”, as read in the Rebel Yell headline, but a “pro-Hate view.” “Occupation 101” is propaganda and though everyone entitled to their right to speech, there is no connection between “Occupation 101” and a college classroom.

Michael Roitman,

Political Science Major

To the Editor,

While whole-heartedly condemning the oppression of Palestinians, to compare Hamas-sponsored activities (such as launching rockets on Israeli schools and suicide bombing) to the NON-VIOLENT struggles inspired by Martin Luther King and Gandhi is both dishonest and perverse.

Dr. Simon Gottschalk,

Professor of Sociology

To the Editor,


I was so excited Saturday night when our Running Rebels beat BYU, but now I almost feel ashamed to call myself a Rebel. Monday night a friend who was at the T&M told me about all the F bombs dropped from the Student section. I decided to find out if there was any mention of it in the News. Fortunately, the only chant that made headlines was “Psycho Sara”, referring to BYU player Lee Cummard’s wife. However, the vulgarity spouting from our student body did not go unnoticed. On the Las Vegas Sun’s webpage one reader commented, “It’s disgraceful and the scumbags chanting that are shaming the school and the community.”

Even with the chanting about his wife, and having just lost, Lee Cummard had enough class to call the students “great fans.” Unfortunately the BYU fans don’t feel the same way. If you want to know what they think about us just look it up on I know most of you will dismiss it as them just being sore losers, but why should we give them any excuse.

Is our college education really so worthless that all we can come up with is F U Reno, F U Mormons, and other vulgarities? Psycho Sara was a good chant that I believe had substance, but when some students turned it into “I F*c%ed Sara” they made us out to be the Psychos. We are students of Higher Education, and that means we should strive to be above such “douche baggery” as Abraham states so elegantly on

Come on Rebels! The community comes out to support our team. The least we can do is show some class and dignity that they can have pride in.

Jamin Hansen,

Crisis and Emergency Management

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