Radio music choices need to be more time appropriate

Like most students at UNLV, I commute everyday to school. During that time, since I can no longer operate a handheld electronic device, I listen to the radio. I have, during my 20-minute drive, both regular Las Vegas radio as well as XM Radio. My channel selection is extensive.

I like to commute while listening to what I call “driving music.” I define such music as being slightly faster paced than regular music and making one want to drive a little more aggressively than normal. Luckily I have numerous channels to surf to find the best driving music at any given time.

With this all in mind, I have a problem. I have developed a fondness for country music.

With the cancer that is country music in my system, I have a huge problem: Country music stations are terrible.

I have, every morning, five different contemporary country music stations at my calling. Between these five stations, I get two to three driving music songs during my 20-minute drive. What do I do during the other half of my commute? I listen to Alt Nation XM 36. Between five country stations and one rock station, I split the time 50/50.

I would like to take the time to tell the country music stations this: There are three different types of country music.

The first type is driving country, the only one I like. It’s fast-paced, strong music. This can be both female and male singers, anything from the band Alabama to the contemporary Keith Urban. The key is it has to be of a faster pace, and it should not be about children. This also can be called dancing music.

The second type is what I like to call lunch country. This is normal country music; everything from Kenny Chesney to Taylor Swift. Its great country music for listening to during lunch, or just while working in an office. This also includes the late night, sad country music. The unemployed country man’s music is great for late night, just not for driving.

The last type I call weekend country. This is the working-in-the-garage, doing-yardwork country music. The themes include, well, working in the garage and doing yardwork. How shocking. Also it can be themes like, loving your woman, loving your children and generic loving of things.

Country music stations mix all three genres throughout the day when they should not be. I have a solution.

During the week, in the 7-9 a.m. and the 3-6 p.m. time slots, play fast driving country music. Every other time play lunch-time music. On Friday nights and the weekends between 7 and 11 p.m., play driving music. And the rest of the weekend, play weekend country.

This would be way better than what’s currently going on.

I think everyone who has the disease that is liking country music can agree with these slight changes. I could just start a “country music lovers anonymous” group to slowly wean myself away from this disease. Then again, I could just listen to Fox News talk radio complaining about God knows what democrat doing something stupid or MSNBC radio blaming republicans about life’s lows.