Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Marvin Menzies named in basketball corruption trial

Former Runnin’ Rebels coach Marvin Menzies was recently named in an ongoing college basketball corruption investigation last Wednesday.

Triple Crown Royale at Luxor highlights Esports culture

Walking into the HyperX Esports Stadium inside of the Luxor feels more like a trade show than it does a sporting event....

Two Rebel baseball players get chance at major leagues

Three days, thirty rounds and 915 picks apart, UNLV baseball sent two players to the major leagues in this year’s 2019...

UNLV student reflects on life as an Army brat

Since the age of 5, Jonathan Edwards has spent his life seeking the true meaning of home, after growing up all over the country.


Exodus of Fadi Seepo

Fleeing certain death, Fadi Seepo and his family would leave Baghdad behind in search of a better life. Although he has...

Free Press Editor-in-Chief says goodbye

I sit frantically writing this piece at 10:16 a.m. on the final production day of the semester, the ultimate symbolism that I...

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